Take care of your friend

like yourself

With the love of nature and science

Take care of your friend

like yourself

With the love of nature and science

Welcome to CALTICA

We create products that improve the quality of life for pets. Products that are inspired by nature and based on scientific knowledge and have great benefits both for the body and health of our four-legged friends, as well as for their psychology and their daily life.

Why Caltica?


Certified products

Our products are certified by the veterinary service as well as by international organizations for their quality and innovation.

Natural raw materials

The raw materials used in our products have high quality, natural without chemical and coloring treatments and come from certified producers.


Continuous improvement and research

We plan and imply all the necessary studies in collaboration with our reliable scientific team with main focus on the health of the animals and their welfare.


The CALTICA team is consistently working towards its vision.

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MultiGuard 500+

Polyphenolic Dietary Supplement 250 ml Id...
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Velvet Paw

Beeswax Balm 50ml 100% Natural, refreshing handmade ointment for maintenance, protection and for dry, torn or sc...
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MultiGuard 500+ 1 lt

Polyphenolic Dietary Supplement 1000 ml I...
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Antiparasitic spray with hyaluronic acid and silk...
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Excellent product! Worth a try!


Bella has always had a problem with her weight and her fur. Since I started giving her the caltica supplement, I immediately saw the difference. Her gut is working better, and her fur has become healthier.

Pit Bull

As soon as I put it in his food, he went crazy. I never expected such immediate results, I will include it permanently in his diet.