About Caltica!

Caltica is a Greek company that creates products aimed at pets and has been active in the field since 2020. Our goal is to upgrade the quality of life of pets. Our products consist of excellent quality natural raw materials that come from our collaboration with distinguished producers.

Why choose caltica;

Our products are certified by veterinary service as well as from international organizations for their quality and innovation.

The raw materials used in our products have high quality, natural without chemical and coloring treatments and come from certified producers.

We plan and imply all the necessary studies in collaboration with our reliable scientific team with main focus on the health of the animals and their welfare.

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Our vision

Thus, consistently with our ideals and goals, we continue our research by designing our next products, always aiming to upgrade the quality of life, protect the health and prolong the life of pets. Because our main goal is to take care of the daily needs of our four-legged friends that we love and respect. We share our space and our lives with them, that’s why we try to offer them the best…

A stray animal is found out there and needs her Our assistance!

At Caltica we strive to we offer the best to our four-legged friends. So, we decided in every order of yours to we also add a portion of food for one stray animal. Go out into the street and leave it in a corner bag this and make a stray happy. Let’s make a better world for all animals!